Nearing-Summer Joys

Mistakenly thought of as starting on the 1st of September, Spring arrives for the Southern Hemisphere on the date of the Spring equinox: for 2018, this was the 23rd of September. Spring is a hopeful season which brings bursts of new life, positive aspirations, and, most importantly for me, a tantalising taste of summer warmth. The sun shines proudly, casting away clouds and driving us to search for shade as we fear for our winter pale skin. Tans will soon emerge, often preceded by sunburn, and we will proudly display ourselves in skimpy shorts and singlets. Beware though! Although the sun shines, Winter is grasping at straws, desperate to extend its dominance with lingering chill winds which bring goosebumps to your exposed skin. Although barbecues and beach trips are not yet called for, we snatch every second outside, even relishing the rays on our backs as we meander - an improvement from trudging - to school. We may already be excited for Summer, but we have to rein it in for at le…


My mockumentary is in it so I'm very biased!

The Green Room - MAGS Production 2018!

The Green Room
Lights. Camera. Action!
The curtains parted and we were transported into a magical world of dance, music, and laughter. A large group of talented MAGS students took us on a journey through the dramatic, yet enthralling life of Steven Stark. We saw his past works, and followed Stark and his friends as they explored the world of theatre! From Thursday 30th August, to Saturday 1st September, MAGS brought the stories of Matilda, Aladdin, Oliver, and so many more popular productions to life. This storyline was created by Ella Brislen and Seamus Stalker, and was performed by many dedicated singers, dancers and actors from years nine to thirteen. The work put in by all of the cast was admirable and they must be acknowledged. Overall, the production was a night not to be missed and received positive feedback after each of the four shows. 
By Ella and Holly

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10 Facts You May Not Know

1) Siberia means 'the sleeping land'

2) A duel between three people is called a truel

3) Male ostriches can roar like lions

4) Do you like the smell of old books? Well did you know that there is an actual word to describe this obsession. It is called 'Bibliosmia'

5) Hello Kitty is not a cat (I know right)- She is a little girl

6) Handshakes were originally done to make sure the person you were meeting didn't carry a concealed weapon

7) August 13th is celebrated as Left-Handers Day

8) Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830's

9) 12% of people dream in black and white

10) Your eye weighs approximately 28 grams

New Zealand Spelling Bee Semi Finals

Spelling Bee Semi Finals
At the start of this year, a group of eager spellers signed themselves up for the New Zealand Spelling Bee. To prepare for this, the students had to learn how to spell 100 words from a list, as well as practise spelling random words from the dictionary. The entry test involved spelling 100 words -  50 words from the list, and 50 unknown words. MAGS had 4 students make the top 200 in NZ, meaning they could then go on to compete in the semi finals. The Auckland semi finals were held in the Centennial Theatre at Auckland Boy’s Grammar School, on Saturday the 11th of August. The semi-finalists from MAGS were: Melissa Barnes, David Li, Ben Merlini, and Ella Vuetilovoni. They had to complete a written test of 20 words and spell one word aloud. Then the top 20 students with the best scores went to stage two of the semis, in which they had to compete in multiple rounds of verbal spelling, until only four remained. These four won seats in the final located in Wellington…

Indian Rockerz 2018!

Indian Rockerz 2018!
The MAGS Indian Group have worked hard the past two terms in preparation for the 2018 Indian Rockerz competition, which was held on Saturday 4th August. Schools put together a team of talented kids who choreographed and performed a Bollywood piece, of around 5 minutes long. On the night, everyone was relaxed, energetic, and just enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately MAGS couldn't grab any of the awards, but the bar was set very high by our fellow schools. Mt Roskill Grammar took first place, and Papatoetoe came a close second. Everyone had a great time, and just enjoyed the experience.

By Ella Vuetilovoni