2019 NIWA Auckland Science Fair

Last Friday, thirteen students, accompanied by science teachers Mrs Nisha and Mr Frank, attended the 2019 NIWA Auckland Science Fair, held at Mount Roskill Grammar School. The students had worked either individually or in pairs to perform a science fair project and display their experiments and findings on a board for the fair.
Projects from 29 different schools crowded the hall at Mount Roskill Grammar School and the vast range of experiments and the detailed knowledge displayed was astounding. It was open to public viewing on Friday evening and Saturday and drew a lot of fascinated supporters, enjoying the creative display boards and getting fascinated by the results of hours and hours of work from hundreds of students.

Projects were entered into specific categories - such as material world, living world, technology - and within each category were prizes for first, second and third as well as highly commended. Several MAGS projects took out prizes, with a first and third place in the …

Drama Production

Come along to the upcoming Level One Drama Production, Children of the Black Skirt. This is taking place on Wednesday 21st of August at 7.30pm in the dance and drama room, E9.
Children of the Black Skirt is about the neglected orphans at Golgotha Orphanage, Australia, run by the strict matron known as the Black Skirt. To liven up their lives and comfort the new orphans, the orphans tell stories and embody the spirits of past orphans. 
Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for MAGS staff and students.

My 40 Hour Famine Experience

My 40 Hour Famine ExperienceFriday afternoon saw me piling my possessions on the floor of my bedroom and pulling sleeping bags out from the cupboard as I prepared to give up furniture for 40 hours. In a previous year’s 40 hour famine I had given up my lovely queen sized bed, but this year I upped the ante by deciding to give up all furniture!

I defined furniture as 'movable articles that are used to make a room or building suitable for living in e.g. tables, chairs and desks’, but this did not include home accessories such as pillows and blankets. So for 40 hours I had to sleep and sit on the floor, not use any tables or desks, and any clothes or other items that are usually stored in drawers or on shelves I had to relocate to the floor.
It begins…

I returned from karate training at around half past eight on Friday 7th of June (I had been out when the famine started) and when usually I would flop on my bed, exhausted, I instead plonked onto the floor. Later in the evening when I came…

New And Improved MAGS Blog!

The MAGS blog has created a new and improved Blog website . It is much easier to access to and is more sleek. It contains various categories and countless articles. We will no longer be using this page anymore. Check out the new blog by using the link provided below: 😀

Board Show and Market Evening 2019

Board Show and Market EveningThe annual MAGS Art Board Show and Business Market Evening took place on Tuesday 21st May, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm, and as always drew crowds.
E block corridor and classrooms were crowded as members of the MAGS community admired the boards that senior visual art students had created. Senior students taking either photography, painting or graphic design each had a board displaying multiple pieces of their work with a common theme that they have been working on since the beginning of the year. The overall standard of work was excellent, receiving many compliments. The board show was a great opportunity for students to show off their work to parents and peers, and receive valuable feedback.
But there was more than just art to be had. The evening was a chance for Year 11 business students to test their skills  as they dished out delicious food to the hungry crowd. The wonderful items on offer included nachos, burgers, hot dogs, premade baking mixes, and much, mu…

Youth Week 2019

Youth Week 2019
DIY stress balls were the theme at MAGS last week, with many events taking place as part of Youth Week. The purpose of Youth Week was to promote well-being in the MAGS community, and this was done through a number of engaging events throughout the week.
Year 12 health students did their job finely at one of the events, the Health Expo. The health students had, in groups, identified a health issue at MAGS, researched the issue and ways to prevent it, then presented about it with a booth at the expo held on Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd during lunch time, in the hall. Some of the booths had presentations on body image, drug and alcohol use, nutrition, and depression. However, the most popular theme was stress, a very fitting topic to address at this time of year with year 11 practice exams looming. The expo was attended by hundreds of students who were able to get some handy tips on how to maintain positive well-being, and also pick up some great freebies …

Schoolwork, Stress, and Strife - Melissa, Ella, and Nazirah

As most year 11s will know, exam week is looming and we are feeling the pressure. Being our first year of NCEA, many of us are unaware of how exams work and how to study, so it is important that we are aware of what we are doing in each subject and start studying early. It is also important to be aware of things that you may need to memorise, such as quotes, equations, or formulas. Starting to memorise things early increases the likelihood that you will remember it.

Here are some great ways to study:

Make a study timetable - This will ensure that the workload is evened out across a longer period of time rather than squished into a last-minute late-night session! e.g. Monday afternoons for English, Tuesday afternoons for Maths etc. Maybe allocate more time towards subjects you aren't as confident in. Using Quizlets/flashcards for key terms/definitions or making a Kahoot! to do with friends.Study groups - Studying with friends can be very distracting, but you may be able to encourag…