Why education about plastic vs paper use is important for understanding how they impact our environment

The environment is the natural world and how it is affected by human activity. Environmental education, studies human interaction with the environment and the goal is to have a world population that is aware of environmental problems. 
Most people don't know about environmental problems, by not knowing, we aren't aware of what damage we could be inflicting on the environment everyday that could be simply avoided. People with university degrees are 25% more likely to adopt pro-environmental behaviours than people with no education qualifications.
Who has heard about the potential plastic bag ban? Most people agree with it because of all they’ve heard about how bad plastic is. However people are blinding following what others are saying without actually knowing anything about the topic.
The alternatives for plastic bags are actually worse for the environment. Single-use plastic bags overall have the lowest carbon footprint compared to the alternatives. Majority of the greenhous…

Year 12 Health Expo

The school hall was a flurry of activity at the Year 12 Health Expo, May 21-25. Students flocked to view the information stalls and collect some free treats at the same time. There were stands raising awareness about healthy eating, self-confidence, body image, bullying, drink driving and anxiety/stress in the community. At some stalls you could collect pamphlets, recipe booklets and stickers, other stands asked you to complete surveys and get healthy snacks in return.
Most of the stands offered some form of food or drink. Herbal teas at the stress awareness stalls, mocktails at drink driving, a selection of healthy snacks from healthy eating, and a stress-anxiety stand serving out Tom&Luke snack balls. These products were donated by companies including Netsafe, Youthline, YMCA and more. It surprised me to see that for every apple, there was an equal amount of candy. I personally wouldn’t consider Fruit Burst to be healthy and certainly didn’t expect them to appear at a health expo…


You can’t just stop and make yourself think, rather it’s more your thoughts that stop you and shake you awake until you can’t go back to sleep because your head is in the middle of a vortex and you can’t predict where it’ll be sput out. We need to give our thoughts space to drive safely, otherwise they’ll come crashing out in an overwhelming labyrinth of congested inferences and suppressed emotions. When was the last time you did something with no purpose but to let your imagination go wild? When was the last time you did something that made you feel alive, refreshed, and never want to stop? We all need that for the sake of our sanity.  We are most of us young individuals with most of our lives yet to be figured out, still trying to ‘discover’ ourselves. How can we do that when we don’t give ourselves the space and opportunities to be ‘discovered’? Time to think and meditate on our experiences, goals, and the things that matter to us the most is what will keep us going when we’…


All around me is quiet,
I desperately try to search for a sound, vibration or anything… but there’s nothing
6210 days- 6210 days I haven’t heard a sound
My whole life practically- actually no- my whole life completely- has been like this
I wasn’t blessed with the ability to hear, so why was I blessed with the ability to see
Seeing peoples mouths moving, but not being able to put the words together-it infuriates me
I open my mouth to try to communicate, but all that comes out is a cry of helplessness
People eye me like a magnet wherever I go
Their eyes say it, I may not be able to hear but I certainly can see
Their eyes are full of confusion, awkwardness and worst of all… pity
Imagine never being able to hear how your own mother and father sound like
Imagine how frustrating it is to have to constantly stare at the small tool bar in the trains to know when to get off
Imagine how useless I feel knowing I will never survive on my own
And those are only a small portion of hardships that co…

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition

Are you a keen writer? Are you interested in current issues? Do you want to convey a message globally?
If you answered yes to all of the above, then The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is for you!
This competition is open to anyone in the Commonwealth, aged 18 or under. It started 135 years ago, and has been giving our youth the chance to express themselves and their opinions in the form of writing. The Royal Commonwealth Society runs it with the ambition to change the lives of citizens in the Commonwealth. They hope to promote youth empowerment, education, and advocacy. 
Each year, four winners win a trip to London to take part in a ‘Winners’ Week’ programme of activities, including an Awards Ceremony at Buckingham Palace! Other prizes in the past have been signed books and gold pens. Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates are awarded to excellent entries, but every child who enters the Competition receives a ‘Certificate of Participation’. Schools receive a Certificate too.
Here are t…

Love, Simon

Love, Simon if briefly stated is about a 17 year old boy, Simon Spier who is gay, but has not told anyone. Throughout the movie, the audience gets to see how Simon feels about everyone not knowing his true identity. As an audience, we also get to see the extent he will go to to have his secret remain silent. This is because Simon doesn't want people to see him in a different way and doesn't know how his family will react. "I've been thinking about why I haven't come out yet. Maybe part of me wants to hold onto who've I've always been, just a little longer." At his high school in Atlanta, Georgia there is a blog that the students read where people confess secrets. A person under the name 'Blue' confessed to being gay and his whole high school tries to track him down. Seeing Blues confession, Simon decides to reach out to him via email after creating another email account to talk about the struggle of keeping his identity a secret with someone …

Going behind the scenes with Mr Murdoch

On the 8th of march, myself, Jessika and Grace, went behind the scenes and met with one of our new deputy principals Mr Murdoch to learn a bit about him. We asked him a few questions and were surprised about some of the answers, Enjoy.

Mr Murdoch speaks highly of the important quality of leadership, he himself loves being a leader. When asked what he likes most about being a leader he says he loves the moments of connection he gets to experience through this. He talks of the moments you are talking with someone and you realise that being been on journey with them, you have shared knowledge and together you have really connected over an incredible experience.

When we asked mr Murdoch about what he can bring to the school, he told us that  he believes that he can bring lots of enthusiasm to our school as it is one of his biggest values. He also hopes that he can help develop our school traditions in any way as he thinks that MAGS is already such a great place.  

Next, we asked Mr Murdoch a…