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The Summer holidays are coming up for those of you who are not yet out of school. And what better thing to do in your holidays than read comics?
Well I guess you could go outside... and read comics.

So here's some basic myths about comics debunked followed by details on how you can get into comics that would interest you.

1. They are hard to read.
A common comment I hear from people is that comics are too hard to read, the thing is - they're not really. And that's not because I was brainwashed from a young age to understand them. Comic books are literally books, you just read them like books. Left to right and top to bottom. As soon as you get used to it you forget you're even doing it.

2. They are not all superheroes.
Contrary to popular belief superhero comics don't dominate the medium. Well they do but... they don't. There are tons of superhero comics, and a lot of them are excellent, top of the medium stuff,  but the medium is not confined to this genre. Ther…

Imagine the World is Ending

Last year two MAGS Students Jahmal Nightingale and Joseph McNamarae performed a Spoken-Word Poem entitled Imagine the World is Ending. Their poem was then turned into a Loading Docks short by Brendan Withy and Doug Dillaman and is available to watch now here.

40 Strange American Laws!

To help with your procrastination we have found 40 strange American laws! Read along if you dare...
1. In Arizona, it is illegal to let a donkey sleep in a bathtub. 2. It's illegal to live on a boat for more than 30 days in Georgia. 3. In California, it is illegal to wear cowboy boots unless you own at least two cows. 4. It is illegal to place a coin in someone's ear in Hawaii. 5. In Florida, all doors to public buildings must open outwards. 6. You cannot sell your eye in Texas. 7. In Massachusetts it is illegal to snore unless all bedroom windows are securely closed and locked. 8. You cannot sell peanuts after sundown on Wednesday in Alabama. 9. In Alaska, it is considered an offence to push a moose out of an airplane. 10. In Minnesota, it is illegal to walk into Wisconsin with a chicken on your head. 11. It is considered a felony to steal more the $1000 worth of grease in North Carolina. 12. You cannot sing in the bathtub if you are in Pennsylvania. 13. In Kentucky, you cannot dye a duc…

Interview with ex-MAGS student

Name: Douglas Pauling

Occupation: I like to classify myself as a merchant. When I left school, I went to be a technician at the post office. Then I left the post office and became a technical salesperson, I sold technical components and technical things, because I was a technician and I understood how they worked. Then I was fortunate enough to move up the corporations that I worked for, from sales, to marketing, and then to general management, and I was fortunate enough to have overseas experience with big multi national companies, and then I came back to New Zealand and started my own business, in computers and training systems.

How has MAGS changed since you were there? 
The uniform seems to be more colourful with the MAGS colours and the logos look nicer. (Of course there are now girls in attendance as well).

What is your favourite memory from MAGS?
My best memory is the people I met there, other students and teachers.

What was your favourite subject?
I suppose my favourite subject wa…

Little sayings to brighten your day :)

This week at blog club we have had to say goodbye to our senior students as they head off for exam leave, so we have some sayings/quotes to brighten up their day. Because studying is a bit sad.
You! Yes, you. The one reading this. You are beautiful, talented, amazing and simply awesome! Remember that"An apple a day will keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough."Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in onDon't be sad because sad backwards is das, and das not goodChocolate doesn't ask silly questions, chocolate understandsForget the mistake, remember the lessonIt's just a bad day, not a bad lifeDon't let yesterday take up too much of today

Weird Facts!