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You can’t just stop and make yourself think, rather it’s more your thoughts that stop you and shake you awake until you can’t go back to sleep because your head is in the middle of a vortex and you can’t predict where it’ll be sput out. We need to give our thoughts space to drive safely, otherwise they’ll come crashing out in an overwhelming labyrinth of congested inferences and suppressed emotions. When was the last time you did something with no purpose but to let your imagination go wild? When was the last time you did something that made you feel alive, refreshed, and never want to stop? We all need that for the sake of our sanity.  We are most of us young individuals with most of our lives yet to be figured out, still trying to ‘discover’ ourselves. How can we do that when we don’t give ourselves the space and opportunities to be ‘discovered’? Time to think and meditate on our experiences, goals, and the things that matter to us the most is what will keep us going when we’…


All around me is quiet,
I desperately try to search for a sound, vibration or anything… but there’s nothing
6210 days- 6210 days I haven’t heard a sound
My whole life practically- actually no- my whole life completely- has been like this
I wasn’t blessed with the ability to hear, so why was I blessed with the ability to see
Seeing peoples mouths moving, but not being able to put the words together-it infuriates me
I open my mouth to try to communicate, but all that comes out is a cry of helplessness
People eye me like a magnet wherever I go
Their eyes say it, I may not be able to hear but I certainly can see
Their eyes are full of confusion, awkwardness and worst of all… pity
Imagine never being able to hear how your own mother and father sound like
Imagine how frustrating it is to have to constantly stare at the small tool bar in the trains to know when to get off
Imagine how useless I feel knowing I will never survive on my own
And those are only a small portion of hardships that co…