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Being the person commissioned to follow arty stuff on our blog, I thought I would start off by covering the Mount Albert Grammar School's AMAZING production of Midsummer Night's Dream. I attended on the night of Friday 23rd and as you can see from the flyer below, it was the 3rd show and right in the middle of the production run. To me this is the best time to go see any play because the actors are comfortable with everything and of the crush of must see parents have already been. Anyway onto the show.
I was seated in the back left hand corner with my two friends. At first I was a little disappointed and thought we might miss things from this vantage point, but no - the characters often travelled to the stage from the rear aisles, so we had great seats.  At some points during the production the players seemed to use the WHOLE theatre.
The night started with a very warm welcome as we were greeted by well dressed, smiling prefects a few random characters and the obligatory t…