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The MAGS Fine Arts Show 2014

Recently I attended the MAGS fine arts show 2014, these are some of my personally favorites. I think some of these names are wrong so if you know please leave a comment below.

Mufti Day :)

Today Has been a day full of blue and yellow and school pride! Coming to school felt a bit weird this morning though, armed with a school bag and casual clothes when we usually only wear uniform. There were quite a few onesies, and the odd costume wandering around the school.
It was all for fundraising for Cancer society and the theme was blue and yellow which are the school colours. #MAGSpride

Classics Trip

"IT'S ALL GREEK TO ME" See Europe on a shoe string with the MAGS' Classics trip 34 Mount Albert Grammar Students are eagerly looking forward to the end of the term. Just as school is finishing for the majority of our students, these lucky 34 will be checking in for an exciting two weeks in Greece and Italy. This will be the fifth time that Mr Cave has taken a group of Classical Studies students on a two-week tour to see in person many of the things which they study in class. In addition they will experience a little of Greek and Italian culture, experience new taste delights and perhaps come home with some souvenirs of their time away.
The flight to Athens takes about 24 hours and we arrive on the Saturday afternoon. We spend three nights in Athens visiting many of the ancient sites and museums – the Acropolis, the ancient theatre, and the agora which was the centre of democratic life. Then we travel to Delphi which was the home of the god Apollo, to Olympia the ho…

Quizz night

About 2 weeks ago we had a quiz night in the school hall. We had a lot of fun with quite a few funny questions and answers. The academic council put a lot of work into it and it ended up going really well,  they were fundraising for Autism New Zealand and have fundraised over $2300.
More people than the academic council ever expected to turn up turned up and they ended up having to bring in extra desks.

Many people managed to buy answers from the markers, donating to a good cause and resulting in winning the competition. A huge thanks to all of the members of the academic council, especially the leaders who made this event run so well. Also Mr Barrett - MC for the night, Ms Hobbs who wrote and marked the questions along with Ms Horn, Mrs Cutfield - Supervising teacher of Academic council.

We had an amazing night with lots of laughs!

What we do?

Here at the MAGS blog we intend to post a least one post a week and slowly expand it.

Here you can see all the writers who will be working on their specific areas of expertise.

This blog is slowly going to expand and if you have anything you wish to add to the blog- stories and articles and just a few suggestions, feel to contact us.


Engineering Competition

Engineering Competition   On Saturday 2 August, I had fun at school. Yes, that's right, 'fun' and 'school' in the same sentence. I was at school for an engineering competition put on by the University of Auckland. The competition started at 9:00am when the question, "If Mount Taranaki erupted, how much would it cost the aviation industry?" was released. The latest your entry could be submitted was at 6:00pm.
   My friends and I (everyone worked in groups of 3-4 people) worked hard for 9 hours writing a report that would answer the question. We had a great day as we were working in a fun environment and we could talk to each other and share ideas as we worked.
   Why on earth would you choose to spend one Saturday cooped up at school working hard out?
I forgot to mention that the team that came first would win $6,000. Also you get to hang out with your team for the whole day and do crazy things like order in pizza. It was kind of expensive, but after seven ho…

MAGS' 'Old Girl' on Stage at The Dolphin

MAGS’ ‘Old Girl’ on Stage at The Dolphin 
While Elizabeth Arden is still queen of the cosmetic counters, Helena Rubinstein is not a name you hear these days. Back in your great (great) grandmother’s heyday however, it was both these women who invented the idea of making women more beautiful. They made makeup mainstream. Before Rubinstein and her nemesis Arden came along, makeup was strictly for the theatre or floozies. Madame Rubinstein made skin care and cosmetics classy. She also invented the waterproof ‘wand mascara’ – what a genius!
The Dolphin Theatre began in 1966 and has gone from strength to strength since then. Their current production ‘That Woman’ focuses on Rubinstein and her long professional battle with Elizabeth Arden. ‘That Woman’ (directed by Cynthia Cahill) is on at The Dolphin until August 23rd and features one of our talented ex-students, Joanna Pearl Olson.
Jo finished MAGS in 2011 and took the following year off to pursue her acting passion. She gained small parts i…

A very SADD week

Well we just had an awesome week here at MAGS and to be quite literal, it was sobering. The awesome peeps of the SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk) committee ran their annual "SADD week" last week. There were a ton of activities such as canvas painting and even a staged car crash in which the "victims" had to spend the rest of the day wearing black and not talking to anyone. This was all done in order to raise awareness for how bad drunk driving can actually be.
Pics to follow later in the week.