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Super Snacks

Bliss Balls Baby! Bliss balls are a super sweet treat to throw in your lunch or to share as a gift for your friends, or teachers ;) But hey, these babies are so good, I'm not sure you'll want to share! Healthy and sweet, you can make them fruity, chocolatey or coconutty- the choice is yours!

Ham and Cheese Toasties Croque monsieur  Gooey cheese and crispy golden bread- this is the savoury version of foods as good as krispy kreme.  Stacked with protein and calcium these will have running in no time! 

Groovy Smoothies Get on your shake, there is no time to bake, these delicious smoothies are easy to make! Throw in a banana- or a whole bunch, these are the best things you'll ever have for lunch :) 

Satisfying Salads
This beautiful salad is a masterpiece in it's own! Straight from the Auckland art gallery, this beauty is healthy, delicious and aesthetic- I've never seen a salad look and taste so good.

Media Short Film Competition!

Do you fancy yourself the next Bril?  The next Dugan? The next Coraci?

Well if you do, be sure to sign up for the MAGS Short Film competition. Sign ups end later this week, so get in quick - you can sign up on the door of E17. In groups of up to 5, you will be given the task of making a short film (1-5 minutes) - but there's a catch - each group will be assigned a a specific prop, genre, piece of dialogue, character name, and film technique that they have to use in their film.

The competition will be held over 4 weeks in Term 3, starting Monday the 30th of July, and finishing on Monday the 20th of August. You need to submit your film on a named USB by 4pm, so they can be downloaded (these will be returned).

There are prizes to be won within two categories: Year level winners and people's choice.

This is such a great opportunity to help you unleash your creativity and have fun with friends, so sign up now, and good luck!

Why education about plastic vs paper use is important for understanding how they impact our environment

The environment is the natural world and how it is affected by human activity. Environmental education, studies human interaction with the environment and the goal is to have a world population that is aware of environmental problems. 
Most people don't know about environmental problems, by not knowing, we aren't aware of what damage we could be inflicting on the environment everyday that could be simply avoided. People with university degrees are 25% more likely to adopt pro-environmental behaviours than people with no education qualifications.
Who has heard about the potential plastic bag ban? Most people agree with it because of all they’ve heard about how bad plastic is. However people are blinding following what others are saying without actually knowing anything about the topic.
The alternatives for plastic bags are actually worse for the environment. Single-use plastic bags overall have the lowest carbon footprint compared to the alternatives. Majority of the greenhous…