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All About that Microphone

By Claire Sauer

Hundreds of students are staring at me expectantly as I walk up the stairs and onto the stage. Hundreds of faces the don't know the obstacles I had to overcome to get to this point. Well, that is, if you count forgetting the guitar and having to make a trip from the hall to the music room and back again. 
Then realising the guitar needed a strap and having to make yet another trip to the music room and back. Meantime discovering that the guitar and microphone wouldn't even connect to the speaker. 
Then with only fifteen minutes left until the bell to get all the equipment set up and to do a sound check and rehearsal, finding that the issue is the guitar itself so we needed to get yet another guitar for the performance, then finally noticing that the new guitar doesn't need a strap and that I will have to use a chair instead, with only two minutes left until everyone comes rushing in, as a “few obstacles”. 
But nevertheless, here I am, about to perform my own so…

The world on our shoulders FACTS

The cold hard facts!

If you haven't already heard we have had so many reports on the weight of the students school bag and the effect its having on our healthy and now finally the boring bit. The maths side of it.

Now we have decided that a students backpack should not be more than 10% of their weight. We collated the data around this and have come up with this table:

Just to explain the difference is the right of the persons bag minus their suggested weight. We have a few people there that are carrying 5kg+ than they are meant to!

Here it is as a graph for those who want to see it visually :)

- Hannah

The conclusion of the weight of a bag

A conclusion to the story. By Ella Brislen
9.4kg. That is how heavy my bag is. Note how I use the word heavy instead light. Now, if I weigh about 40kg, that means that my bag is more than 20% of my body weight. This is the "incorrect" amount of bag to body weight ratio, and, please, 9.4kg's is too heavy to be carrying around for 6 hours. I actually enjoy Mondays. Quite ironic right? Well Mondays are the day that I have the most options and options mean less books. Mondays = Light day
Tuesdays are best described as a ton of bricks. I have a joke among my friends that I am starting a brick factory and every Tuesday I bring in a brick. Although I don't, it seems like I could be! Tuesdays I have the least amount of options meaning Tuedays hit me like a wall of bricks. Pun intended.
Wednesday's (the day we weighed my bag) is still like Tuesday. My classmates found that I have some stuff that I don't really need eg, sunblock when it is going into winter time and a book…

Comrade Savage

Comrade Savage

MAGS Year 13 Drama students performed Comrade Savage, a play by Alan Brunton on Wednesday and Thursday this week – 6 & 7th April.This well loved but little known New Zealand play brings one-time Kiwi Prime minister, Michael Joseph Savage to life (and death).  Mickie Savage’s Labour government swept into power in 1935 and is best known for its landmark social welfare reforms. Savage was idolised by many New Zealanders. His photograph continued to hang on sitting room walls for many years after his death in 1940. If you wonder what a group of today’s teenagers might make of a political play set in the Depression, don’t worry. They loved it - many seeing parallels with what is happening in the world today.

Here are some spontaneous thoughts gathered from the student cast about the experience:
“It was thought provoking, and insightful into early NZ politics.” “It was pretty stressful because of all the other commitments we had at the same time - Polyfest, internal assessments…

The Weight of the World on Our Shoulders