Plunket Babies Vist Year 12 Aspire Class

A small group of year 12 Careers students are currently taking part in an Early Childhood Development course. These sessions are taken by a Plunket educator. Successful participation will gain our students Level 2 & 3 NZQA credits. This experience is also valuable as it introduces another potential vocational pathway to these seniors. The overall course covers knowledge of a range of basic needs for infants and pre-school children. 

Our educator, Jane Matangi, is an ex-MAGS mum. She is thrilled to be back working with students at her children's school. The Aspire
 students are taught about the importance of nurturing in early childhood development and all aspects of age-appropriate care. 

Today these students were visited by two young Plunket mothers and their babies. Nappies were changed, kiddies were entertained and observed. 



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