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Experience at e-book club ☺

To be honest, I didn’t expect a lot of people to go to the e-book club…, just because I know that a lot of people consider e-books to not be ‘real’ books. Seriously? Books are books. They all tell stories, and It shouldn’t matter what format you read them in, whether it be an e-book, audiobook, or a physical paper leaved book. It’s the content that counts. Surely.
Imagine my delight and surprise when I entered N8 down the very back of school, and saw a wide range of students from different year levels and ethnicities represented. It's NOT only those device hogging year 9s! 
The atmosphere was absolute fun as everyone was free to express their own interests in reading. We were even encouraged to show our inner nerd or geek. 
During our first session we talked about Fanfiction. New for some people but IMHO they are absolutely addicting to read. In case you don’t know what this is, Fan-fiction is basically just stories written by fans about their favorite book, movie, anime, TV series,…


SOM: students/staff of MAGS
I asked some lovely year 9 girls how's school so far

-'The school is BIG!'

-'it can get intimidating'

-'but everyone is so nice'

- 'yeah its nice'

-'especially the peer support people'

MAGS is the second biggest school in New Zealand.
Starting school at this size, it's only normal to feel overwhelmed. But it has its advantages, including a great selection of peer support leaders which I'm pleased that they are appreciative of. Especially because I'm a peer support leader myself,
 and I am proud to be a part of shortening this awkward  phase of starting high school with wide smiles and friendlessness.