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Photos from the Dunkaton

Hey!  So to be honest I was looking through the hundreds to drafts that we had sitting on the blog and well I found some photos from the dunk-a-ton that we had at the end of last term.
Sending out our roving year 9 to brave the internet M.A.G.S blog brings you the dunk-a-ton!!
Prefects and teacher a like braved the cold water to fundraise for Amnesty International
Ok I am so proud of this edit  Smart move from this teacher

More photos and a Mufti day update

Here are some photos of the awesome people who helped our school raise over $10,000 for Nepal's earthquake recovery effort.

#PrayForNepal Mufti Day

Hey guys!  So last week we had the 2nd mufti day of the year in support for the earthquake relief in Nepal. Nepal is pretty close to New Zealand (not geographically but more close to our hearts) as Sir Edmund Hillary did a lot of work helping charities and of course climbing Mount Everest.  As usual we got behind our school's interact committee and completed this amazing cross :D
Also we had photographers (including me) going around with signs saying " #PrayForNepal " I've collated my photos into this short video:

Study Leave Guide for Year 11's

By Ms. Todd

If you are a student in Year 11, you’re probably wondering: WHAT EXACTLY IS Study Leave…?

No, it is NOT a holiday.
Yes, you are expected to prepare for your exams at home.
Yes, you must attend school to sit your exams.
Yes, you will be provided with a timetable of all exams.
No, exam rooms are NOT allocated until the day you sit them.
Yes, you MUST wear your full, correct uniform to sit all exams.
No, you can’t hang at St Lukes or Rocket Park in your uniform during school hours.

Yes, you should bring a zip-lock bag instead of a pencil case.
Yes, you should leave your phone at home rather than in your bag.
Yes, ALL bags will sit in a pile in your exam room.
Yes, it’s smart to personalise YOUR bag – ribbon, badges …
Yes, check your timetable carefully - DO NOT be late!
No, you may NOT leave early, even if you finish.
Yes, you can enjoy your exams. Honest! You just have to prepare.

I Recommend... Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl is a novel series written by Eion Colfer focusing on the criminal antics of teenage mastermind Artemis Fowl. When his father is lost at sea he comes to the only rational conclusion, he should kidnap a fairy to pay for his fathers life. In further story's there is time travel, billionaire terrorists and the complete destruction of the world we know it.

The writing is humorous and exciting. The idea's are creative and fresh and the visuals are interesting and intriguing.

A must read. Though not as perfect as Harry Potter but definitely one of the best … young adult? teenage? child? novel series out there.