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Mount Albert Grammar School had a visitor last week.

On Wednesday March 11th during form time, a pigeon flew onto someone's shoulder and instantly took a liking to 3 young boys in 09GIB. On the way to period 1, this pigeon left to N Block and 'said hello' to a year 13 calculus class.

"It was a normal day in calculus when a pigeon came inside and attacked us!" - Hamish Jellyman

After all the doors and windows were closed, it kept tapping on the window, and since it couldn't get in, it dive-bombed a student coming out of the toilets.

Then in period 2 it came into a year 13 biology class and - again - attacked.

And then in period 4, on a rampage, attacked a year 11 class.

No uniforms were pooped on in this event.

WATER - why you NEED to drink up..

We're having a heat wave WATER – why you NEED to drink up
“We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heatwave. It isn’t surprising – the temperature’s rising.”
When the temperature is UP, getting enough to drink is really important whether you’re playing sports, travelling or just sitting in the classroom. Did you know that humans are approx. 75% water? Dehydration can be a serious condition that can lead to problems ranging from swollen feet or a headache to life-threatening illnesses such as heat stroke.
How much water do you need? What does being well hydrated mean? The amount of water a person needs depends on the climate, the type of clothing you are wearing and your exercise intensity and duration. A person who perspires heavily needs to drink more than someone who doesn’t. Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, might also mean you need to drink more water. Some medications can act as diuretics, causing the body to lose more fluid. Thirst is not the best indicator…

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SOM: Students of MAGS

    'I volunteer as tribute.
     to be the nicest student in MAGS that is'

 Oliver Owen known to be the cheery and charming guy who shows the out most appreciation not just to his fellow peers but also to his teachers.
Oliver usually stops a teacher just to say hi and reminisce, his latest target was Mr Scoltock [that is his leg in the pic].
Possessing no hesitation to get out of his way to insure he grabs the teachers attention that he has developed bulletproof technique which includes waving arms bizarrely and calling out the teachers name with his strong vocals. This fullproof technique never fails.

I highly value Oliver's boldness in acknowledging people and feel that there is something to learn from.'Respect others' is part of the MAGS way and often the students forget that it also includes the staff.
 Maybe we shouldn't do it as elaborate as Oliver does, but a simple smile or a good morni…

What's it like to be new to MAGS !!!

Hi all, I'm Saranya and my journey at MAGS started about 6 months back... Here is short poem that summaries my feelings over this time. Hope you enjoy !
Anxiety on one hand and excitement on the other I reached for the door knob as I wondered. I felt like a little girl again as my eye sank inward And my mind lay plain. There was complete silence as I entered my first class I thought there was no way I could last. But somewhere in my heart I knew it was me who had to give it a start. I went ahead and introduced myself And all of a sudden there was a change I could sense. Everyone looked and then they smiled The experience was slowly turning sweet like candy to a child. Within an hour I made new friends But this is not where my story ends. Subjects and teaching styles are plentiful and vary; Practical or theory, there was nothing to worry. Sports, clubs and activities at every single turn; So much to study and much to learn. The teachers are friendly and oh so kind, Their passio…