SOM: Students of MAGS
    'I volunteer as tribute.
     to be the nicest student in MAGS that is'

 Oliver Owen known to be the cheery and charming guy who shows the out most appreciation not just to his fellow peers but also to his teachers.
Oliver usually stops a teacher just to say hi and reminisce, his latest target was Mr Scoltock [that is his leg in the pic].
Possessing no hesitation to get out of his way to insure he grabs the teachers attention that he has developed bulletproof technique which includes waving arms bizarrely and calling out the teachers name with his strong vocals. This fullproof technique never fails.

-[Oliver and Scoltock having a small chat]

I highly value Oliver's boldness in acknowledging people and feel that there is something to learn from. 'Respect others' is part of the MAGS way and often the students forget that it also includes the staff.
 Maybe we shouldn't do it as elaborate as Oliver does, but a simple smile or a good morning to show the teachers we acknowledge their daily work and the huge impact on our life. 


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