Mount Albert Grammar School had a visitor last week.

On Wednesday March 11th during form time, a pigeon flew onto someone's shoulder and instantly took a liking to 3 young boys in 09GIB. On the way to period 1, this pigeon left to N Block and 'said hello' to a year 13 calculus class.

"It was a normal day in calculus when a pigeon came inside and attacked us!" - Hamish Jellyman

After all the doors and windows were closed, it kept tapping on the window, and since it couldn't get in, it dive-bombed a student coming out of the toilets.

Then in period 2 it came into a year 13 biology class and - again - attacked.

And then in period 4, on a rampage, attacked a year 11 class.

No uniforms were pooped on in this event.


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