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The Summer holidays are coming up for those of you who are not yet out of school. And what better thing to do in your holidays than read comics?
Well I guess you could go outside... and read comics.

So here's some basic myths about comics debunked followed by details on how you can get into comics that would interest you.

1. They are hard to read.
A common comment I hear from people is that comics are too hard to read, the thing is - they're not really. And that's not because I was brainwashed from a young age to understand them. Comic books are literally books, you just read them like books. Left to right and top to bottom. As soon as you get used to it you forget you're even doing it.

2. They are not all superheroes.
Contrary to popular belief superhero comics don't dominate the medium. Well they do but... they don't. There are tons of superhero comics, and a lot of them are excellent, top of the medium stuff,  but the medium is not confined to this genre. Ther…