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Black Panther Tickets

This year the some of MAGS Media Studies Students are taking a trip to LA - and to fundraiser for this they are selling tickets to go see Black Panther, MARVEL Studios newest film at 6pm on Wednesday the 28th. Here's a quick review (+trailer) to try and pipe your interest. The Tickets are available to buy at the school finance office.
The film is new ground for MARVEL Studios, from Director Ryan Coogler (Creed, Fruitvale Station), set in the African Country of Wakanda and starring Chadwick Boseman as the country's King/Protector T'Challa (also the titular character of the film) who has to combat an outsider (Micheal B. Jordan) who threatens Wakanda and the wider world.

This film is a stand-out in the studio's 18-strong line-up which has ranged from, at the very worst, descent (Thor: The Dark World) to great (Spider-Man: Homecoming). The cast especially shines, though this has never been an area for MARVEL to fault in, with Micheal B. Jordan being the stand-out as the…

Daily Gossip

The last thing I heard my friends talking about was a scandal that happened a couple of years ago involving someone in our peer group. While they were innocently chatting to their friend about an intriguing topic on their mind, they were also unwittingly gossiping. And this kind of gossip is extremely harmful, no matter what our intentions are. People who have never even met this person will have made their first impression of them based off some gossip they heard about them from several years ago, which is an unfair representation of who they are now.
The thing is, everyone makes mistakes and that's just a part of being human. But when we dwell on the mistakes or misfortunes of others by gossiping it disenables them from fully being able to move on and recover, and it's straight up just not a nice thing to do. While it's true we can't always control what we hear, we can certainly control what we share. So please next time you catch yourself about to dish the dirt on s…