Study Leave Guide for Year 11's

By Ms. Todd

If you are a student in Year 11, you’re probably wondering: WHAT EXACTLY IS Study Leave…?

No, it is NOT a holiday.

Yes, you are expected to prepare for your exams at home.

Yes, you must attend school to sit your exams.

Yes, you will be provided with a timetable of all exams.

No, exam rooms are NOT allocated until the day you sit them.

Yes, you MUST wear your full, correct uniform to sit all exams.

No, you can’t hang at St Lukes or Rocket Park in your uniform during school hours.

Yes, you should bring a zip-lock  bag instead of a pencil case.

Yes, you should leave your phone at home rather than in your bag.

Yes, ALL bags will sit in a pile in your exam room.

Yes, it’s smart to personalise YOUR bag – ribbon, badges …

Yes, check your timetable carefully - DO NOT be late!  

No, you may NOT leave early, even if you finish.

Yes, you can enjoy your exams. Honest! You just have to prepare.  


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