The Weight of the World on Our Shoulders

MAGS Bloggers investigate

Do you look like a turtle?
With our limbs poking out from underneath super-sized canvas shells, we stagger around MAGS. If you’re lucky you share a locker to help alleviate the daily pain. Some of us seem to carry heavier and heavier backpacks every year we are at school. These huge bags look crazy and are often cumbersome. 
Are they really dangerous?   
Medical experts say YES.

“Like the internal frame of a house, your spine keeps your body sturdy and upright. Put too much weight on this frame while your body is still developing, and it could muck with your posture. It may even compress your spine, and impair growth.”  Dr Robert Danoff, an osteopath and a family doctor states, “It can also contribute to severe back problems or injuries as young people get older.”

How heavy is TOO heavy?
As a general rule, research suggests that backpacks should be no more than 10 to 20 percent of a student’s body weight to avoid pain or potential injury. Many medical staff err on the side of caution and recommend just 10 percent.

So how heavy are the back packs at MAGS?
A group of MAGS bloggers have decided to find out With a hand-held scale (the sort used to check your luggage) and some regular bathroom scales, we intend to weigh as many bags and student owners as possible. Listen to the student notices and make sure that you and your bag help the Bloggers discover the uncomfortable truth about the weight of knowledge in schools today.


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