Relay for Life by Cade Stevens


Relay For Life was a blast! I thought it would just be us and Kings College but I was so wrong.  There were over 250 people from lots of different schools and there were also tons of performances. My favorite part was probably all the food and of course, staying up all night! I actually finally went to bed at midnight, but half the MAGS group was up ALL night running - 24/7!!
There was music all around the track, which kept everyone's spirits up and running the whole long and winding way. The record breaking runners were two boys who both ran the same distance. They made it round the track the equivalent of Auckland to Hamilton! That's very impressive.
We had so much fun and so many people helped make it a really special night. The entertainment was incredible - much more than I had expected. It even included musicals, a play or two and a Trash to Fashion runway - of course the winners were from MAGS.
During the silent candle lit Memorial Walk people set up paper sand bags supporting photographs of loved ones who had lost their lives to cancer. This was a very emotional and special part of the event. Remember cancer never stops, so nor do we! 

After a long night of walking and running everyone was exhausted.  We only just managed to get our tents packed up. It was dangerous work too - there was a huge cockroach under someone's mattress! When we debriefed back at school on Monday, everybody admitted that they instantly fell asleep on the couch as soon as they got home.

We were shattered but for a GOOD CAUSE. That much tiredness was because of collecting so much money and working so hard on this important project. We can ALL feel really PROUD that MAGS won the award for the most money raised! Thank you to everyone who was involved - those people who donated MONEY, the people who kept us awake by performing and cheering us on, our teachers who came along to support and run beside us, and everyone one of us in our fabulous MAGS family.

Per Augusta Ad Augusta

Through Hardship, to Glory

written by Cade Stevens


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