Random thought of the week #3

Random thought of the week

Have you ever wondered whether we really are alone in the universe? What if everything we know is actually just the work of some incredibly advanced programming by some other being in a different dimension? What if our very existence is all the work of imagination? Have you ever wondered while playing The Sims whether you were actually some kind of Sim being controlled by someone on the other end who was playing Sims and pretending to be that someone on the other end? What if The Sims is actually a training program for all the beings who control us? And what if the cause of midlife crisis' is simply when these higher beings switch people? And what if, ours is just one of thousands of many alternate realities, and each person is the centre of their own reality?! There are so many questions about our very existence and so many possibilities yet to be ruled out, will we ever really know the answers?


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