What is your future like?

What is your future like?

Maybe you see yourself as an aspiring artist, or a big CEO.

Your answer could be anything, in your wildest desires of the secret little list you have in the back of your head. You may hide this for whatever reason, you may pretend that you aren't interested, or not try to achieve this goal, Maybe it's not acceptable in society to be interested, or maybe your friends and family don't support it. Maybe you know that your interest will die down soon enough, and that a dedication to it simply isn't worth it.

We are all told as children; do what you love. It sounds simple and sweet; a moral that we should lie by.

But can we really?

We live in a world where people can be harsh and cruel, and everything is changing. Things we love become old and irritating, or simply not acceptable by society. What we love is quickly changing and being replaced with new things in our lives, things that we never would have though would impact us so much.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a vet.

I thought that my love for animals would overpower all obstacles in the future. Little did I know, having an immense dislike of blood and dissecting flesh would crush this dream rather abruptly.

As high school students, we can't do things we just love. We need to think about what will benefit our futures and education becomes less and less enjoyable and more stressful. We may have to stop doing things we love in order to improve things will be crucial to our future, like giving up dance classes for math tutoring.

Then, the question comes to our minds that did not seem so important back when we were children; is it more important to do things we love, or do the things that will be better for us?

When it comes to choice, nothing is easy. These choices will impact and collide with our lives, and forever change the path of life we take. These minute decisions will shape the rest of our lives. Our lives are long, and making a decision within minutes that will decide years of our lives seems terrifying.

There is never only one side to an argument. We never know what our futures will be like, and that is simply the way life was created to be. Therefore, there really isn't an answer to the question. The future is wild and unpredictable, and thats what makes it the future.


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