Baby Sitting course

Twice a week for the past five weeks, a number of students have been turning up to have some training to earn themselves a babysitting certificate with Plunket. Throughout this course, they have been learning many skills including how to keep children safe in the house. Thursday, a week ago and tuesday this week some preschool aged children visited our school where MAGS students got to try out some of their new skills and have a bit of fun playing with the children.

Quite a few nappies were changed, bubbles were blown, balloons were tossed – each participant had to create a BABYSITTING kit which they then tried out during the practical session. Plunket certificates will be ready for those who managed to complete the course within the next two weeks.
Ms Todd is very pleased to announce that there will be a THIRD babysitting course later on during Term 4 to cater for the seniors and also any juniors who were unable to attend 
Special thanks to Julie Arrowsmith who was the Plunket educator and CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants, who once again made MAGS proud.

"What I learned in the babysitting course is that you have to be really responsible around kids of all ages. For example, around water, driveways and with fire (especially lighters and matches). I also learned some helpful skills of what to do in case of emergencies.
What I liked about the Plunket babysitting course is that it was really fun, especially when we had a period with the children and babies and we got to know them and play with them."

Leticia Alves de Oliveria – participant & prospective babysitter

Here are some photos:


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