Things you should do in the Holidays!

Need to know what to do in your holiday? Here's some ideas!


The Night Circus

Last article we did about the holiday's we included this book and we decided to a it again. The story of magical circus set in Victorian London, a unique and fascinating story which you have to check out.

Green Lantern by Geoff Johns

Writer Geoff Johns 9 year run on the comic book series Green Lantern is a must read for any Science Fiction fan. Yes, this may be a comic book - but it is as good as any sci-fi book you've read before. It has a huge mythology, great characters and a epic story. Read it, trust me.

TV - 

Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Up

Do you like science? Explosions? Nigel Latta? Then watch this show. The title pretty much sums it up.

Penguins of Madagascar/Teen Titans GO!

You can be a child at heart. It fine. And if you are - then you should watch these shows! These shows are some of the best animated comedy's ever. They are insane, fun but also (dare I say it) smart.


Inside Out

Joy. Anger. Disgust. Fear. Sadness.

The reviews are in and they are pretty good.


No shield. No hammer. No armor. No problem.

Better than Age of Ultron and Guardian of the Galaxy? The people seem to think so. Don't miss it.


Burger Queen

As the slogan says - "Try it, you will like it."


"When in Rome" right?

The Library

Get out a book. Like - the Night Circus, Green Lantern by Geoff Johns. 


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