Tips to keep your bag light!

So towards the end of last year we were talking about the weight of your backpack. As we come into the new year we thought that this would be give you some tips to keep your bag light.

To conclude this (for now) we are going to leave you with some tips on how to keep your bags lighter and your back happier.

1. Get a good bag.

I personally think that if you are carrying around a bag that isn't good quality or designed for school life can damage your back. Some bags don't have the right support and end up hurting your shoulders. Others have so many pockets that they actually can't hold large amounts of objects

2. Don't need it. Don't bring it.

Get rid of that hardcover pencil case that has all those colour pencils you haven't used all year. I 100% suggest getting a fabric pencil case that isn't hardcover and able to be stuffed in your bag. The average student only needs 2 blue pens 2 black 1 pencil and a highlighter (or 3). So cut down on the unnecessary stationery!

3. School Books

Talk to your teachers and come up with plans such as you only need to bring your scipad on a Monday or you don't bring in your Math textbook at all instead all your homework comes from it. Once you and your teacher(s) have discussed this TAKE OUT THE BOOKS WHEN YOU DON'T NEED THEM.

4. Lunchboxes

I know this sounds stupid but try to avoid huge lunch boxes as they just take up space in your school bag.

5. The Folder technique

If all of these have failed you can now look at something a bit more drastic what I have had suggested to me is to go out and buy a folder per class and one to live in my bag. What you do is take all your notes on refill and then when you get home you file all your notes away in clearfiles and only bring them in if you are about to do a test or need them.


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