This badge was shown to me when I was 8. 

A girl was visiting our unit from England. 
I remember not wanting to leave as she was so much fun even tho her uniform was brown. 

I returned to my Brownie unit to start my leadership journey, there I found the badge. 
Remembering the friendship I formed with the girl, my old brownie leader gave it to me. 
This badge sits on my leaders tab, so I never forget the girl from England. 

Today I took it off, to the 1st Tarleton brownie leaders; stand strong it's not your fault. 
I cannot fathom the amount of pain you are going through. 
To the brownies; I have no words. You're probably too young to understand what has happened. 
I hope you keep going to brownies, have fun and advocate to stop the violence. 
To the parents, I can only imagine your pain. 

As a lover of music, it should never bring pain or sadness. 
As a girl guide this makes me sad, this is the reality faced by girls every day. 

I wear this badge today for my little sister Saffie 
For my sisters of the 1st Tarleton 
For all my sisters in guiding facing violence.



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