How to save the environment!

Tips and things to do/use to help save the environment!

Ethique - Environmentally friendly beauty/cleaning products

This amazing company sells shampoos, conditioners, and other products in a solid, block form. They are very concentrated and contain only natural ingredients such as lavender, raspberries, coconut oil and ginger. All you have to do is add a little bit of water, and you have a very effective long-lasting product. But that isn't even the best bit! All products and wrappers are bio-degradable! This means that their company has prevented the waste of 150,000 plastic containers worldwide! I truly encourage everyone to start using these amazing products, as they will help us live in a clean, healthy world.
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Fidget Spinners

Obviously these small coloured contraptions are quite popular at the moment. I personally admire the fact that people can focus their fidgeting in a controlled way, while having fun. One problem I have with these, is that it is a big waste of plastic. Thousands of people own fidget spinners, and are likely wanting to start a collection. With so many people buying so much plastic, it won't be good for the earth when the craze dies out. I encourage you not to buy these, but if you do, then only buy one!
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Shopping Bags

Plastic shopping bags are destroying our environment! They can take 10-1000 years to break down! Start making a change by purchasing re-usable bags! You can use them over and over again, while preventing further damage to our world. Also, some places are introducing a fee for plastic bags, which is going to add up to a lot in the future. If you buy just a few reusable bags it will end up costing a lot less than constantly buying plastic bags. Plus - it will keep our earth clean and green for a long time to come!

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Cars give off a lot of emission, and also cause a lot of traffic. To keep our air clean and healthy, a smart solution would be to bike or walk everywhere. They are eco-friendly methods of transport, and you get exercise at the same time. If you live too far away from everything, then bussing would be the next best thing. Multiple people can ride together while only using one vehicle. If all else fails, go with car-pooling because it is the next best thing.
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Bulk packaging(chips)

Heaps of supermarkets are selling massive bulk packets of chips, crackers and many other snacks. These may seem great for school lunches, but there is so much unnecessary packaging. To make things more environmentally friendly, you could buy a single box/packet and fill up a small zip-lock bag to take to school. Zip-lock bags are great because they are re-usable and you can put anything in them. 

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