Year 12 Health Expo

The school hall was a flurry of activity at the Year 12 Health Expo, May 21-25. Students flocked to view the information stalls and collect some free treats at the same time. There were stands raising awareness about healthy eating, self-confidence, body image, bullying, drink driving and anxiety/stress in the community. At some stalls you could collect pamphlets, recipe booklets and stickers, other stands asked you to complete surveys and get healthy snacks in return.

Most of the stands offered some form of food or drink. Herbal teas at the stress awareness stalls, mocktails at drink driving, a selection of healthy snacks from healthy eating, and a stress-anxiety stand serving out Tom&Luke snack balls. These products were donated by companies including Netsafe, Youthline, YMCA and more. It surprised me to see that for every apple, there was an equal amount of candy. I personally wouldn’t consider Fruit Burst to be healthy and certainly didn’t expect them to appear at a health expo, but if it attracts people and makes them happy, why not?

Information collected by the year 12 health students was used to evaluate the effectiveness of health expos and whether or not students learnt anything new or had improved well-being. The expo received positive feedback and is likely to become an annual event as it has been such a great opportunity for all.

The week was successful and I certainly came away with a lot more awareness about issues in our community and some healthy snack recipes too.

By Eva Wadsworth


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