Options for 2015! (What to do in year 10)


It is that time again the time when young teenagers are pressured to make choices about things that won't even be happening for THREE more years! Yes. that's right. I have to choose subjects that will take me all the way through to university. A university that I may or may not be attending in 2 or 3 years. That is a very big weight on my shoulders - a big weight on all our young shoulders!

Personally I have chosen,

Design for Print
English ( Enriched )
Maths ( 11MT1)
Chemistry ( Enriched )
Biology ( Enriched )

Just to be clear: I DID NOT choose any of theses subjects because of my FRIENDS. If you are worried about variables like that, then you should just eat some concrete and toughen up. You are bound to know someone in your new class or there will be someone else in your new option class with no friends, AND then you can make a new friend and BAM a whole new group of friends. Remember a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet... but don't try to make friends with lollies. Giving candy to kids is not a good idea....

Yeah thats my rant on subjects,

xox Hannah


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