Top 10 Movies and TV YOU should watch these Holiday's


10. Doctor Who - 7.30PM Sunday's - This show has already aired a bit, but if you want to jump on to this series, this is the best season to start in the middle of as all but two episodes of the show are single story, one-shots.

This series has been my all time favorite shows since I was four years old, all around this has been a great show 50+ years in the running (well, not really since it was canceled for 16 years before 2005) falling on a few rough patch's as anything does during the sixth (Colin Baker), seventh (Sylvester McCoy) and eleventh Doctor's (Matt Smith, yes, Matt Smith... that series 6 was appallingly bad) run, but it has picked itself up in stride this season with a great new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and a great new companion - Danny Pink.
This is on of the best sci-fi shows of all time and you have to watch it a least once in your life. It is a mix of horror, sci-fi, comedy, adventure and historical fiction and a 88 percent great show.

9. Arrow - TV2 9.30PM Thursday's (Right after The Flash) ---Starting the 9th of October (Season 1 and 2 out on Blu-ray and DVD now)

Yes, I am biased by my blind love of anything super-hero, but you should still watch this. The acting is a bit over-dramatic at times, but the story's are fantastic and the supporting cast is truly loveable (wait till you meet Felicity!). This show was a bit slow at the beginning but season 2 built up the pace , mythology and turned the show from good to great. Today's film industry is dominated by the super-hero and comic book movies, now the comic books are taking over television with six different comic based shows coming by the end of the year and 8 more next year... And the good news about all theses super-hero shows is... they're great!

8. The Flash - TV2 8.30PM Thursday's (Right before Arrow) --- Starting Thursday the 9th of October

 The 2 best things about this show - It's a super-hero show and it's family friendly. This show is a spin-off of Arrow which has received a huge amount of acclaim. I focuses on a super-hero with real super-powers called, you guessed it - The Flash. Grant Gustin (I think he was in Glee or something...) plays the titular main character and has received a lot of good reception for his portrayal of the character (even thought he's not blond--<grumble>) and the supporting cast and villains are varied and interesting and a portrayed by many popular actors. There's someone and something in the show for everyone and if it lives up to the hype it will be a incredible series.

7. Gotham - TV 8.30PM Sunday's -
Here's the link to catch up on the previous two episodes on demand -

The pilot of this show was hit with mixed reviews and the next two episodes were meet with good reviews, so hopefully it's all up from here. But the cast makes even the pilot worth it. The cast of characters is perfect for each and every of there roles and the acting is perfect. The scripting needs work but the episodes are still watchable and enjoyable. If you crime shows and drama this is a perfect viewing for you. Not family friendly though, Oswald Cobblepot does some pretty nasty things.

6. Nigel Latta -
 This series has stopped airing, but you can watch all it's episodes on demand here -

In the beginning I was skeptical about watching this, it being a documentary series and all, but one episode had me hooked. The series is presented by cynical physiologist (and New Zealander) Nigel Latta (surprise, surprise) as he delves into some of the most pressing issues of today's society. Prison, Alcohol, Sugar and other topics are all discussed in a interesting and compelling series. A must watch. Some episodes may not be suitable for a younger audience.


5. Maleficent (M)
Dark, Spooky, Angelina Jolie and Disney are usually not things you think of going well together but in a weird way, in this movie, they work... This is a twist or a retelling of the origin story of the most evil character in English literature... Dracula! Oh, whoops I mean Maleficent (what?!). This movie is a Disney movie that doesn't feel like a Disney movie, not a great film but still worth the watch to see what the experience is like.

4. The Fault in the Stars (M)

We recommended the book that this movie was based on in the previous post, so why not read the book and then watch the movie which thrust the book into the spotlight. Bring tissues, this movie is known to make people cry (yes, even boys) or just make you very sad after watching it. But it's heart warming and a romance so it can't be all bad right? Just don't blame me if you cry a lot. WARNING This movie may just be like the book. Good not great.

3. Edge of Tommorrrow (M)

One of the two films this year, this and How to Train your Dragon 2, that deserved a lot more people to go see it than it got. This and HTTYD2 were received with a lot of critical acclaim and just did not get the attention they deserved. Edge of Tomorrow is a sci-fi epic with Tom Crusie and Emily Blunt in the leading roles. With a story like a baby of Transformers, Power Rangers, Ailene and Groundhog Day (all great movies/TV)

2. Days of Future Past (Available currently only on digital download, itunes ect.)

This film, superhero or not is amazing, the acting (and casting) is superb with James McAvoy, Micheal Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence taking on the lead roles along with Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise (Sir Patrick Steward) and Gandalf (Ian McKellen) as their future selves, the amazing actors make this film worth

1. The Maze Runner/The Boxtrolls (M and PG)

In cinemas now! I know, I know this may require you to get up and walk somewhere, but it is worth it! One of them is all-ages friendly (Boxtrolls) and beautifully hand made master-peice of a movie with humor and drama, so why not take your younger sibling/s (if you have one) to go see it?

The Maze Runner on the other-hand is a another teen book adaptation with great reviews (both the movie and the book) and it's already slated for a sequel. I has A-list cast with the like's of -  Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario and Will Poulter (who?)...  as well as great, interesting and intriguing story. 

Also Boxtroll's has Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in it... How can it not be great?


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