Four out of Five

Last week I was very impressed when I went to see the MAGS school production completely led, written and produced by students. The show received incredible comments from everyone who went who appeared just as impressed as I was. It was a story about five teenagers who become friends at a school called Mt Alfred. We were swept up with laughter and smiles as we watch the all too familiar scene of school life played out before us and shocked as we watch one of the nicest characters die in a fight. Many of us in the audience were reduced to tears as the group falls apart and all the characters go their own way, some of them losing their only friends. The story was well written, well presented and the songs, also written by a MAGS student, were very good. The play felt like a professionally run play, not just a school play run by students and if the show I saw was not their last one, I would have most likely come back, dragging anyone and everyone I could with me.


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