Japanese Cultural Group

An interview with some of our very talented Japanese students, by Poppy O’Connor in 9VZW

Q: Can you give me any background on why you started up this club?
A: Last year we danced at culture night which was for international students in MAGS and the teachers liked it, so we started up this group. Also, teachers wanted us to make the Japanese cultural group.
Q: How do you choose the songs we do? Do they have any significance?
A: The song we practiced first (Soran Bushi) is easy and cool and also we danced it last year, so I chose it. We need to perform for 6 to 10 minutes in PolyFest so I needed to choose another one. Then I found this dance. I’m not sure about the dance we did today but other dance is from fishermen in Hokkaido, Japan.
Q: How long has this club been running? Have you been in it all the way?
A: This group has been running since last November and Misa, Muga and I are the first members but actually all of us are the first members in a sense.

Q: What position are you in this club?
A: I'm like sub leader in this group.
Q: Do you like dancing?
A: I don't really like it that much.
Q: What is a fun fact that people don't know about the club?
A: That everyone is friends and all nice to each other and supporting each other? It's a pretty hard
Q: Is it hard keeping everyone to a routine?
A: English is not my first language so sometimes it is really hard to express what I want to say in
English. So yeah, sometimes it's a bit hard because of the language. 

The Japanese Cultural Group is a close-knit group who have similar cultural interests and a desire to dance. This group learns traditional Japanese songs to perform at various nights during the school year and at cultural events. This year for instance, we are a new addition to MAGS's Polyfest line-up - happening17th March. We have learnt one song already, called Soran Bushi, and the Yosakoi dance, so we performed two songs this year. 

Our leader is Taiki Ando. Our sub-leader is Misa Watanuki and the MAGS staff in charge of our group is Mrs. O'Neill. Our total group count is twelve very passionate members.


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