Book Recommendations

By Roni and Juli

Noblesse (Webtoon*)
Author - Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee
Reader's thoughts: This is definitely a nice comic you could read if you have time and is not rushed because it is quite long. It is a webtoon* and I highly recommend it to vampire and werewolf lovers. People who enjoy action, fantasy and a little bit of comedy would love this.

Orange Marmalade (Webtoon*)
Author - Seokwoo
Reader's thoughts: One of those comics that pull on the heartstrings - the story is quite well paced. It has romance.

Lorien Legacies (series)
Author - Pittacus Lore
Reader's thoughts: It is a series consisting of seven books. It is an action-and-fantasy-packed story.

Cirque du freak (series)
Author - Darren Shan
Reader's thoughts: This vampire series is more of a dark fantasy story. It follows the adventure of Darren and it's a hell of a ride to the end. The story itself is very well written and thought out.

The Curse of the Chocolate Phoenix
Author - Kate Saunders
Reader's thoughts: A really nice book to read all in one go and you will end up wanting more.

Finding Sky
Author - Joss Stirling
Reader's thoughts: A romance novel with a little twist
of fantasy.

Author - Aprilynne Pike
Reader's thoughts: Surprisingly gripping to read. It is a romance and fantasy novel.                                
Flow (Webtoon*)
Author - Honey B
Reader's thoughts: Will definitely leave a hole in your heart. (In a good way)

Kissing in America
Author - Margo Rabb
Reader's thoughts: A nice adventure to read. Follows a journey to true love.

*N.B: Webtoon is a Korean comic website/app.

Skulduggery Pleasant (series)
Author: Derek Landy
Reader's thoughts: It's great for sarcastic people who like a combination of genres together.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
Author: Mark Haddon
Reader's thoughts: Written from the perspective of a teenager suffering from autism spectrum, it's a read for people who like reading things a bit differently.

Author: R.J.Palacio
Reader's thoughts: A book that captures all the feelings and makes the reader think.

Holding Up the Universe
Author: Jennifer Niven
Reader's thoughts: A beautiful book about coming to terms with the past and realising what really matters to you.

Author: Jerry Spinelli
Reader's thoughts: This book is about nonconformity and the pressure to fit in, and gives you a new perspective of things.

Uglies (series)
Author: Scott Westerfield
Reader's thoughts: Set in a futuristic world where everyone is made beautiful, it explores the challenges associated. A fascinating dystopian read!

Slated (trilogy)
Author: Teri Terry
Reader's thoughts: It's a definite mystery page-turner. YOU WON'T STOP READING.

Image result for his dark materials coversMind Games
Author: Teri Terry
Reader's thoughts: Based on virtual reality, there's manipulation and the mystery of the future. YOU WON'T STOP READING EITHER.

His Dark Materials (trilogy)
Author: Philip Pullman
Reader's thoughts: A fascinating fantasy read full of magic and mystery.

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (series)
Author: Michael Scott
Reader's thoughts: Mythology and folklore is weaved into this action fantasy story, giving a new take on old stories.

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Reader's thoughts: WARNING: NOT FOR THE WEAK-HEARTED. Faces a social issue in today's society.

Violet Ink
Author: Rebecca Westcott
Reader's thoughts: A coming-of-age story about sisterhood. You might cry while reading it.


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